How can I best maintain my boots?

Remove dirt and grime after use with a damp cloth. Especially the part of the boot that comes in contact with your horse. Brush sand and dirt out of the zippers to prevent damage. Maintain the boots daily with a normal leather conditioner and once a week or two weeks you use our luxury wax to properly nourish the leather. Leave it on overnight and then rub it out with a special brush or soft cloth.

Don't let your boots dry out, but if that does happen, use our luxury wax. Use sparingly, you really don't need much to revive them!

The wax does look dark, isn't it too dark for my boots?

Our wax has a creamy texture and is quite thin when applied. You will see that the wax is much more transparent when applied to the boot - but use sparingly as advised above!

What should I use on brushed or patent leather?

We recommend a patent shoe spray, which can be found on our site under accessories.

What happens if my boots get wet?

Our boots are of good quality and can take a beating. Put your boots away to air dry – not near a stove! When they are dry you can feed them again with our luxury wax and they will look as good as new!

The color looks a little different than I expected?

Each leather will vary slightly in color and texture. After all, it is a natural product and not every cow and calf is the same. The Claro in particular is a light color which will show natural imperfections. Not one boot is exactly alike with this color. But that's what makes the color so beautiful! With proper maintenance, your boots will get a beautiful natural platinum.

Do my boots collapse?

Yes, on average a boot sags 1-2 cm due to the bend of the ankle. Keep in mind that a dressage boot drops less, because the bend of the boot is less.

What if my boots are too high?

During the fitting we make sure that we measure the correct height for the intended use of the boots. We do not take into account the collapse of the boots. Since the boots are made to measure, they will always sag less than a standard custom boot. Your boots will also fit perfectly after the collapse.

It is possible to order the boots higher than we recommend. We do ask that you sign for this and the risk is of course with the customer. If the boots are too high on the first fit, you can use a heel.

How long does it take for my boots to "break in"?

Most customers will say that the boots fit well from day one. However, the thickness of the leather will differ per boot and therefore some boots will take longer to fit perfectly. It is impossible to estimate how long this will take. It depends on the use, model and thickness of the leather.

The best way to break them in is to drive them. In this way the leather quickly adapts to your riding position.

How long will my boots last?

It is impossible to make a good estimate about this. Every rider will use and maintain their boots differently. There is a big difference between riders who ride several horses daily and recreational riders who ride 3 times a week.

If you follow our maintenance advice, you can be sure that you get the most out of the life of your boots.

How long is the warranty on my boots?

We provide a 90-day product warranty on Celeris Riding Boots on material and production errors. In the rare event that these errors do occur, the workshop will correct the error or make a new pair of boots.

There is no warranty on traces of use or poor maintenance.

Zips: Do not use any tools to zip the zippers. If the zippers are broken by use of tools or force, it will not be repaired under warranty.

Note: usually we have extremely few problems with Celeris zippers. Due to the customization, the boot will fit perfectly around the leg and there will be little tension on the zipper or parts thereof.

It is quite normal that the calf differs per leg, this can sometimes differ by 2 cm. It is therefore important to measure this properly, this way there is no extra pressure on 1 of the zippers.

Avoid kneeling in your boots. This gives a lot of extra tension on the ankle area. First unzip the boots to below your calf.

How do I take care of the zippers?

Ask for help in the first week to close the zippers and be careful with this. In the first week, the boots will start to form on your leg. You will notice that after the first week the zippers close faster and easier. Always make sure the zipper is all the way open before putting them on. Remove sand and dirt from the zippers after use.

What if my boots don't fit?

In the special case that the studio or we ourselves have made a mistake, we will solve this as soon as possible. Where possible, the boots will be adjusted or replaced at our expense. Please notify us immediately so we can resolve this quickly.

I don't like my boots and want to return them?

As stated in our terms and conditions, Celeris boots are a handmade custom product and are made to order. Custom-made boots cannot be returned.

What do I do if I have a problem with the boots?

Contact us as soon as possible. You can call or email us about this. Most minor problems can be solved quickly and easily!

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